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Dead Sea Mud and Minerals For A Flaky scalp or dandruff is an abnormal condition of scalp. A person suffering from flaky scalp experiences itchiness on his scalp as the scalp surface peels off in the form of flakes. Main reason for flaky scalp is due to the abnormal level of dead cells. If the scalp has more number of dead cells, then the dead cells clumps together to form flakes on the surface of the scalp. Prolonged flaky scalp or dandruff can lead to severe hair loss. Unhealthy living style is also one of the main reasons for flaky scalp. Nowadays, people eat fat rich food, and lead a stressful life which may also cause flaky scalp or dandruff easily. Therefore, to avoid dandruff we suggest using dead sea dandruff, one should lead a healthy life in all aspects. Washing hair regularly with dead sea shampoo and conditioner, eating less fat and less spicy food, minimizing the mental stress are some of the effective ways to prevent flaky scalp. People can also consult dietitian or dermatologist to get help in this issue.

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