What Do You Do About Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

Body Wrap Guru | skin care | Tuesday, 07 September 2010

It is a fact that dark circles and puffy eyes will make you look tired and old.  The saying goes that the eyes tell your age.  Your look can be easily ruined by dark circles and bags around the eyes.    There are lots of products available for these issues, but most of them don’t really get to the real source of the problem.  There is no surgery that can help with dark circles.  The right ingredients in a good eye cream however, can make a difference. 

Contrary to popular belief, dark circles are not really caused from being tired.  They are actually similar to bruises.  Blood leaks from capillaries below the eyes and make the area beneath the eyes appear dark.  The skin beneath the eyes begins to thin as we get older.  This makes dark circles much more obvious. 

There are some ingredients that can help with both dark circles and puffy eyes.  Haolxyl , Matrixy and emu oil are all useful in eye creams.  Studies have found that Haloxyl can reduce the intensity of dark circles by 60% of users in a particular study.  Skin is rejuvenated by Haloxyl.  Matrixyl is an anti-aging ingredient.  It has been shown to reduce crows feet and wrinkling.  Emu oil is also used to increase the thickness of the skin around the eyes and help reduce the appearance of dark circles.  A good eye cream that utilizes these ingredients can make eyes look younger and better. 

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