Skin Creams for a Healthy Glow

Body Wrap Guru | skin care | Saturday, 07 August 2010

People fall into one of five complexion types:  dry, oily, normal, sensitive and combination.  There are many skin creams on the market for each type of skin.  It can be hard to choose the best one.  Many contain chemical ingredients that are damaging to the skin.  There are great natural ingredients that can be used to make skin look and feel better.  It is important to read the labels and look for ingredients that have proven results.  All skin types need to be moisturized.  Every day moisture is lost when the skin is exposed to the elements.  The moisture must be replace in order for the skin to be healthy.  Even men need to use skin creams to keep their skin from drying out and aging quickly. 

Dry skin especially needs moisturizing.  But oily skin also needs moisturizing to help create a balance.  You should always use oil free creams on oily skin however.  In addition to adding moisture a skin cream can provide protection and anti aging benefits.  A good skin care company can show research on its ingredients.  With a little investigating you can find a skin cream that will work well for you. 

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