What if Weight Gain Wasn’t Your Fault

Body Wrap Guru | Uncategorized | Monday, 21 January 2008

You read that right – what if it wasn’t your fault. For nearly ten years we have been selling body wraps and detoxification to people that stubborn weight problems. The weight seemed to stick to them like no one else. As a matter of fact the body wraps use seaweed clays and herbs that heat up the body and put from the fat cells. This causes a shrinking in the fat cells. But in these specific people you almost could see no difference in just one body wrap.

In most people just one, and I mean one body wrap could show up to 10, even 15 inches lost depending on the persons build and how many inches they had to lose. So the question is why can’t seem people get off the beach when it comes to weight loss.

Let me start by saying that your body has a very efficient way of buring fat. The metabolism is an amazing thing and it can step you up or down. However what we have found is that it is very similar to a car engine. It runs very smooth when it is not clogged but the minute that it becomes blogged it starts to lose its efficency and the way that it burns gasoline. It starts to require more gasoine and the oil starts to gunk. ven if you add clean oil it still does not get rid of the oil gunked up oil. The only way to get the engine working properly is to get the engine clean again – then it will hum.

Your body is no different. Based on hundreds of different external situations our engines can become clogged and the best way to unclog them is to detox. By detoxifying we reset this powerful engine that each one of us has. The result is a body that is more apt to burn fat faster and require less to keep you energized.

So for those that try the body wraps and they don’t work the very first time, you should know that you are probably pretty clogged up don’t throw the bag of wraps away instead make sure to do another. And for those that at least did the entire bag they always see results because your body starts to detoxify our those harmful and clogging toxins and now your body begins to work more efficiently and requires less to keep you energized. And talk about more energy – there you go!

 Get a wrap and detoxify. The home wrap kits contain enough to do 3 full wraps. Concentrate on your stomach area as this is where the most toxic and dnagerous fat is. Let us know what we can do tho help.

Make Your Own Body Wraps

Body Wrap Guru | Uncategorized | Monday, 21 January 2008

We have had retail customers ask us if they can purcahse the ingredients from us to make their own body wraps. The answer is yes that we will sell the ingredients to make your own body wraps. Almost all of our ingredients are not made or manufactured in the USA. They are all imported in containers from over seas. To import these yourself you would hve to spend thousands and thousands of dollars of dead sea ingredients. We amke this simple as we import them and will sell them to you when you are ready to buy. You can visit the dead sea store on our website and find bulk ingredients and from there you can purchase these online.

For those want formulations we will have those available to purchase online as well. 



Questions about new products

Body Wrap Guru | Uncategorized | Monday, 21 January 2008

We have a lot of retailers asking us about our new dead sea products that we have coming so we will give some insight here on this post. Purity does not come out with new products on a whim like many companies do. These spa treatments and products are well thought out and out of the trial run phase when they are released and this sometimes add time the release of the products.

 Jan 29 – The New Face Shape Wrap and Face Firm Wrap along with the Face & Complexion (also Called Face Magic) will be available and this is hot already. You know the advantanges of dead sea clay in body wraps along with the exciting herbal blends that we use. Now we are adding them to our face shape wrap series and these will available for wholesale the last week in January. They will be in powder form and the customer will add their own water depending on the strength that they require for their face.

All the benefits of the slimming dead sea combination as well as the healing minerals of the dead sea and the firming properties of the rhassoul clay, panthenol and about 20 other blended ingredients for a serup healthy look – and it comes in just minutes. Very few anti aging dead sea or any skin care products can claim this.