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Body Wrap Guru | Uncategorized | Thursday, 08 November 2007

We set up this blog to help answer any questions that you might have about our products. Our reputation has spread throuhgout the world as one of the leading manufacturers of dead sea spa products including wholesale body wraps, hair care and skin care products.

Understanding the power of the dead sea has led many to products that are of spa quality as they realize the healing power of the dead sea as well the slimming power with the dead sea and sea weed and don’t forget the detoxfication of skin and fat cells that happens when using dead sea muds, salts and specific powders. Our products have years of lab research as well as customer proven results. And while dead sea products alone are very potent and powerful for anti aging and pro health they are even more effective when used with powerful and proven herbal combinations and that is where we come in. Purity Beauty is the leader in Dead Sea & Herbal based beauty products that will get you results!

In France our products are only available in Spas however in the rest of the world we have made them available to spas, salons and high ends boutique stores.