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Dead Sea Mud and Minerals For A Flaky scalp or dandruff is an abnormal condition of scalp. A person suffering from flaky scalp experiences itchiness on his scalp as the scalp surface peels off in the form of flakes. Main reason for flaky scalp is due to the abnormal level of dead cells. If the scalp has more number of dead cells, then the dead cells clumps together to form flakes on the surface of the scalp. Prolonged flaky scalp or dandruff can lead to severe hair loss. Unhealthy living style is also one of the main reasons for flaky scalp. Nowadays, people eat fat rich food, and lead a stressful life which may also cause flaky scalp or dandruff easily. Therefore, to avoid dandruff we suggest using dead sea dandruff, one should lead a healthy life in all aspects. Washing hair regularly with dead sea shampoo and conditioner, eating less fat and less spicy food, minimizing the mental stress are some of the effective ways to prevent flaky scalp. People can also consult dietitian or dermatologist to get help in this issue.

What Do You Do About Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

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It is a fact that dark circles and puffy eyes will make you look tired and old.  The saying goes that the eyes tell your age.  Your look can be easily ruined by dark circles and bags around the eyes.    There are lots of products available for these issues, but most of them don’t really get to the real source of the problem.  There is no surgery that can help with dark circles.  The right ingredients in a good eye cream however, can make a difference. 

Contrary to popular belief, dark circles are not really caused from being tired.  They are actually similar to bruises.  Blood leaks from capillaries below the eyes and make the area beneath the eyes appear dark.  The skin beneath the eyes begins to thin as we get older.  This makes dark circles much more obvious. 

There are some ingredients that can help with both dark circles and puffy eyes.  Haolxyl , Matrixy and emu oil are all useful in eye creams.  Studies have found that Haloxyl can reduce the intensity of dark circles by 60% of users in a particular study.  Skin is rejuvenated by Haloxyl.  Matrixyl is an anti-aging ingredient.  It has been shown to reduce crows feet and wrinkling.  Emu oil is also used to increase the thickness of the skin around the eyes and help reduce the appearance of dark circles.  A good eye cream that utilizes these ingredients can make eyes look younger and better. 

Collagen is a Must for Healthy Skin

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 In order to have healthy beautiful skin you must have enough collagen in the skin. Collagen is the main protein that forms the structural makeup of the skin. The condition of the skin depends largely on the amount of collagen and the shape that collagen is in. When you are young the skin still produces plenty of collagen. As we get older the production slows. Collagen is also damaged over time.

Damage to collagen is due to free radicals. Most damage comes from exposure to the sun. The suns UV rays penetrate the skin and cause the collagen to break down. Smoking is also a leading source of collagen loss and skin damage. Pollutants in the environment are bad for the skin as well. Reduced and damaged collagen leads directly to wrinkles. If you do not have enough collagen to keep the skin firm, it will begin to droop and sag. The texture of the skin will not be good and it will begin to look dull.

Unfortunately, getting more collagen in the skin is not as simple as just using a skin cream with collagen as an ingredient. Collagen has too large of a molecule to be absorbed deep into the skin. Injections are an option, but they are very temporary. The side effects of injections can be bad as well. The only way to effectively get more collagen in the skin is to get the skin to actually produce more on its own. There are certain ingredients that can prompt the skin to produce more collagen. Creams with Vitamin C, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides have been shown to help increase collagen production.

Zinc Gets Rid of Body Odor

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Body odor- it is an embarrassing situation.  To most people it is a sure sign of uncleanliness.  While lack of good hygiene will certain lead to body odor, for some people the stubborn smell remains even when they wash regularly. 

Most people start to smell when they sweat a lot.  The sweat alone does not really have an odor.  The odor comes from bacteria that is on the skin when it is mixed with the sweat.  When we shower and bath after exercise the bacteria and the odor are usually washed away.  However, some people are not so lucky.  No matter how much they wash they can’t seem to get rid of body odor.  This is because  the particular bacteria that is on their skin is impossible to wash away.  Learn more about mud and zinc to end your body odor problems. PurityBeauty is the leading supplier of dead sea mud and speclialized ingredients including herbs and minerals that get results.

Zinc is a natural ingredient that can really make a difference.  Zinc is able to wash away this stubborn bacteria.  It gently cleans the skin and removes the bacteria along with the odor.  This bacteria must be taken away or the odor will not be removed.  A body wash with zinc will be gently and good at removing stubborn body odor. 

Oily Shiny Face

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Dealing with an oily or shiny face can be a challenge.  Too much oil on the skin looks bad, and it causes a myriad of skin problems to occur.  Most people with oily skin have it worse in the t-zone area, the nose, chin, and forehead.  It tends to look shiny and greasy all the time.  This is an embarrassing problem and is hard to get rid of at times.  This extra oil can lead to pimples, blackheads and eventually acne.  It also causes the pores to be enlarged.  Enlarged pores are a problem that many people complain of, but do not know how to remedy. 

Many face washes and facial ingredients designed for oily face are very drying.  They strip away all of the oil.  This can leave the skin dry and irritated, or it may prompt the sebaceous gland to produce even more oil.  Zinc pca is a natural ingredient that can make a big difference in oily shiny skin.  It does take away excess oil, but it does not remove all of the oil.  It is a gently cleanser that cleans down into the pores.  Zinc also has the unique ability to help regulate the sebaceous gland, keeping it from overproduction of oil in the future. 

Dealing with Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation is a pretty regular occurrence.  It happens when patches of skin on the face become darker than the surrounding skin.  It is actually harmless.  But it can be hard to get rid of and very frustrating for sufferers.  Hyperpigmentation is also known as age spots or liver spots.    These spots occur because of an excess of melanin, the skins pigment.  When melanin is concentrated in a certain spot it will make the skin look darker in that spot.   It can occur because of sun damage and may be found on the face, hands, arms and other areas that are regularly exposed to the sun.  Melasma spots are a lot like age spots, but they tend to cover larger areas of skin.  These are usually due to hormonal changes.  Many women experience hyperpigmentation during pregnancy or when they are using birth control hormones.  Dark spots on the skin are also sometimes due to scaring.  Acne scars are a major cause.  All dark spots can become even darken when exposed to the sun.  It is important to wear sunscreen at all times to prevent spots from getting worse.  Protective clothing and a hat are a good idea also.    

Skin Creams for a Healthy Glow

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People fall into one of five complexion types:  dry, oily, normal, sensitive and combination.  There are many skin creams on the market for each type of skin.  It can be hard to choose the best one.  Many contain chemical ingredients that are damaging to the skin.  There are great natural ingredients that can be used to make skin look and feel better.  It is important to read the labels and look for ingredients that have proven results.  All skin types need to be moisturized.  Every day moisture is lost when the skin is exposed to the elements.  The moisture must be replace in order for the skin to be healthy.  Even men need to use skin creams to keep their skin from drying out and aging quickly. 

Dry skin especially needs moisturizing.  But oily skin also needs moisturizing to help create a balance.  You should always use oil free creams on oily skin however.  In addition to adding moisture a skin cream can provide protection and anti aging benefits.  A good skin care company can show research on its ingredients.  With a little investigating you can find a skin cream that will work well for you. 

How to Deal with a Shiny Nose

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Every woman knows that a shiny nose can destroy your look.  A shiny nose can be a problem for men as well.  Oil usually accumulates in the t-zone for most people.  It is most common during adolescence, but people of any age can have a problem with oily skin.  Extra oil can be caused by several things like hormonal changes, heredity and stress.  Hormonal changes often occur during the teenage years making this group highly susceptible.  Women may get oily nose and skin during pregnancy or menopause.  Too much oil on the nose not only looks unattractive, it also leads to problems.  People with oily skin are more prone to pimples, blackheads and acne breakouts.  Extra oil on the nose also leads to enlarged pores.  To reduce shine the skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly and with the proper products.  Many products made for oily skin are too harsh and tend to make the skin too dry.  This can lead to irritation and flaky skin.  The skin needs a certain amount of oil to look good.  A gentle natural product is usually best to combat shiny skin.  Avoid washing more than two times per day.  Twice per day should be enough to remove excess oil and dirt for most people.  Blotting sheets can be helpful for use when you are on the go.    

Dead Sea Products Available

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Products from the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in the Israel and Jordan.  For centuries people have known about its incredible healing waters.  The power of the Dead Sea comes from its extremely high mineral and salt content, 33% compared to only 3% in the ocean. 


Product made from muds, minerals and salts have been found to provide great skin benefits.  They promote a proper balance of moisture in the skin.  They also promote healing; cleanse the skin, and aide in relaxation.  They are even believed to help prevent allergies. 


Quiet a few products are derived from the Dead Sea.  Salts and minerals make brines and bath salts.  Many people use the mud in either its wet or dry clay form for facials and body muds.  Even dry powder, lotions and shampoos can be made from Dead Sea products. 


Salts from the Dead Sea have been shown to help various skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema and seborrhea.  Regular baths in these high mineral salts may improve skin condition and reduce problematic symptoms.  Bathing in Dead Sea salts three to four times per week for several weeks has been shown to decrease scaling and itching in a majority of psoriasis patients.  Only unrefined Dead Sea salts contain the necessary mineral count.  Salts that are pure white with a bleached look may be refined with the many of the helpful minerals removed. 


Dead Sea muds and clays remove impurities.  They may also help skin retain its moisture. They will exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells.  These muds also tighten skin as they dry revealing a more youthful appearance.  Dead Sea mud may help with other problems as well such as cellulite, pain from arthritis and much more.

Dead Sea Salt Information and Benefits!

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Dead Sea Salt 

The Dead Sea attracts hoards of people every year who want to bath in its amazing waters for its healing attributes.  The Dead Sea has more minerals and at higher concentration levels than any other body of water in the world.  These essential minerals make natural products form the Dead Sea perfect for producing glowing healthy skin. 


Salts from the Dead Sea have been found to have many positive health affects.  They have been shown to be highly effective in the relief of skin ailments such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.  They have been shown to soothe the skin as well as relax muscles.  Many people use them to relive muscle aches and pains and joints pain. 


What makes these salts so effective is the high concentration of minerals that come naturally form the Dead Sea.    Some vendors sell salts that have had the minerals removed for use in other products.  Purity Sea salts, also called unrefined, should be off-white in color; if the salts look white or bleached the minerals have most likely been removed.  


Bathing in a warm bath with Dead Sea Salts added is the closest thing to bathing in the sea itself.   It has been proven to relieve stress and tension.  It will also relax muscles and infuse skin with essential minerals.  Some of the minerals that make these salts so effective are sodium, magnesium, and potassium.  They will sooth skin, moisturize, and remove impurities while you bathe.  Store bought bath salts do not compare.